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Compaq Bank set, large arched windows, arched promenade wall, old world office cubicles
Product Compaq, Prod. Co. Dektor Associates,
Dir. Leslie Dektor, Art Dir. Erin Ellwood

About Us...
We started Isolated Ground Inc. in April of 1993. Since that time our business has grown from 6 to 30 employees, with over 1,000 entertainment industry jobs to our credit.
We work to keep a core staff of principled, dedicated, talented and experienced personnel. We constantly strive to raise the level of skill and responsibility for all our employees. We also promote growth opportunities to those employees new to the business, by providing on-going teaching and training. This core crew is supported by an extensive list of freelance workers with talents from every facet of the entertainment industry.

Brian C. Shipley (COO), graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in architecture and environmental design. He began his work experience in the film and commercial business as a draftsman and scenic designer, later he moved into organization and management, added the experiences of art director, producer, and assistant director for commercials and music videos to his credit, then managed two high level set shops before starting Isolated Ground.

Matthew Cooper (Shop Foreman) graduated with a BSBM from the University of Phoenix, Arizona and is currently pursuing a degree in Music Composition. He began his work experience in the US Navy where he specialized in small boats and heavy equipment handling. Matt is a certified fork lorklift trainer and has been working for Isolated Ground since 1999. For the past 10 years Matt has been leading projects for Isolated Ground throughout the US and Canada and has recently assumed the position of Shop Foreman. Matt's experience as a finish carpenter, cabinet maker and prop maker bring a high attention to detail to every project that we undertake.

Zach Coffman (Scenic Foreman) has been working in the set construction industry since 1997. He has worked on hundreds of commercials, music videos and movies developing his craft as a scenic painter, sculptor and illustrator. In addition to traditional scenic work, Zach specializes in urban graffiti art and murals. His murals have been featured in print ads, commercials, movies, and published in several books and magazines, both domestic and international. His graffiti credits include Vogue, Reebok, Mountain Dew, Swordfish, and Showtime. Recently he was invited to paint graffiti murals in New York, Phoenix, San Diego, Cleveland and Milan, Italy, where he was interviews by the Italian News Media.

Crystal Andre (Office Manager/Bookkeeper) is the newest addition to our professional team. Crystal has more than 10 years experience as a Full Charge Bookkeeper. She started her career in the restaurant industry, but after accepting a position doing office administrative work she realized this is where her future lay. Working her way through various office positions , she finally found her passion, bookkeeping. For the past 10 years she has acquired an expertise in several versions of Quickbooks and has worked with several clients performing various bookkeeping functions.
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